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Blue Sheep launches new data marketing intelligence software

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Mar 3, 2017 10:49:00 AM

Blue Sheep

Uncover key statistics about the market and enhance your database using Blue Insight to access the most complete B2B and B2C lists of consumers, contacts, companies and prospects in the UK

Cheltenham, UK, March 3, 2017 – specialist marketing data and technology solutions provider Blue Sheep today announced Blue Insight, a revolutionary new customer insight software tool providing marketers with visibility of the whole UK business and consumer market for analysis of market share and business growth potential.

Blue Insight contains 25 aggregated UK database sources in one place giving marketers and organisations access to the largest and most complete view of the UK consumer and business marketplace. Core to the software is the ability to compare your own customers against the integrated data for quick analysis of market share and to discover your potential for future growth. 

By pinpointing where the growth areas are it allows for better marketing planning, better forecasting and the ability to build a business based on reliable and accurate data. Even better, the tool even provides access to marketable contacts and consumers to put the new insight into action through campaigns and targeted prospect generation. 

“Blue Insight makes creating enhanced customer and prospect opportunities easier than ever, giving marketing teams online, round-the-clock access to insights as well as accurate, marketable future customers,” said Anthony Botibol, Group Marketing Director, Blue Sheep.

“By joining the dots and filling the gaps in their existing database, Blue Insight helps marketers make better decisions to feed their sales and marketing teams with higher converting leads. And for the yearly planning, it allows UK marketers from B2C, B2B and B2B2C sectors to identify their marketing share, learn more about their potential future customers and, crucially, pinpoint the type of prospects who could bring most revenue and value to their business.”

The UK Business and Consumer Universe

Blue Insight contains data from Blue Sheep’s UK Business and Consumer Universe. This database is the largest and most comprehensive data resource of its type in the UK, containing details of over 51 million consumers, 4.5 million workplaces, 8.3 million unique contacts and 800,000 business contact emails.

The Blue Insight tool cross-references this information with your own customer data, to provide profound insights that can help to shape all the future marketing (and overall business) decisions made by the organisation.

Easily Accessible Market Insights

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Accessed on demand, within a browser, Blue Insight uses a simple interface, with drag & drop tools. These enable users to run analysis quickly and discover more about their customers as well as the UK market.

Marketers can also build lists and segment customers by company type, SIC bands, location, turnover and more, then analyse the data with a number of visual representations.

“If you want to know how many businesses, prospects or contacts are in your target market or need crucial knowledge about business growth potential, Blue Insight puts the marketers in control of the entire UK market. The software lets them dig deep into the intelligence they need to create a data-driven marketing plan and develop a broader and more informed view of the opportunities that mean the most to their business objectives.”

To learn more about Blue Insight, or arrange a demonstration visit, call 01242 545 340 or email us at [email protected].

About Blue Sheep

Since 1986, Blue Sheep has been creating marketing solutions to meet our client’s B2B and B2C challenges, with a breadth of talent and experience that has helped maintain its position at the forefront of the database, insight and analytics market, as well as become a respected name for multichannel software solutions and Single Customer View databases.

Blue Sheep has worked with a number of well-known brands from a wide variety of verticals, including finance, government, hospitality, media, retail, technology and online gaming. Some of our clients include De Vere, Wyndham, UBM, Misco, RAC, Travelodge, CapitalOne, Liverpool Victoria and many more.

Blue Insight

Discover what Blue Insight can do for you

Blue Insight is a customer insight and data visualisation software tool giving marketers visibility of the entire UK business and consumer market.

  • Create a Data-Driven Business Culture
  • Improve Business Planning and Forecasting
  • Understand Your Customers Better
  • Make Your Marketing More Targeted
  • Make Better, Actionable Business Decisions
  • Seamless Integrations with your Existing Technology
  • 24/7 Access to Marketing and Prospect Data

Call: 01242 545 340
Email: [email protected] 
What is Blue Insight?

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